Yogurtland-Best of Orange County

Best Ice Cream or Yogurt

1st Place-Yogurtland

•Yogurtland was founded in 2006 with its first location in Fullerton.

• The second location was in Irvine.

• The company has expanded throughout the U.S. and into countries like Australia, Mexico and Venezuela and just celebrated the opening of its 300th location.

Customers have trusted Yogurtland to deliver the best in frozen yogurt, thanks to a consistent approach, creating new flavors and affording customers a healthy and fun experience. There are gluten-free, sugar-free and nonfat options among the flavors.

With so many options in the frozen yogurt industry, Yogurtland has found a way to separate itself from the competition. The first criterion comes with its different types of flavors. Yogurtland boasts having more than 150 “different and customized” flavors. A new flavor or promotion is introduced about every eight weeks.

One of the highlights of the summer is the “Ultimate Summer” promotion. Every two weeks from July to September, Yogurtland introduces two flavors, new collectibles and its vacation inspirations. A sample of flavors: Cosmo Sorbet, Caramel Macchiato, Mojito Sorbet, Lava Flow, Mudslide, Mango Peach Tea Sorbet, Wild Berry Tart, Dark Chocolate Sorbet and Strawberry Margarita Sorbet.

Damian Calhoun