With Real Flavors and a Real Business Opportunity, Yogurtland Sets Sights on Houston Expansion

(IRVINE, CA) Sept. 20, 2012 – Yogurtland is setting its sights on Houston as the next U.S growth target as it continues its steady, fast-moving expansion across the country. Yogurtland opened its first location in 2006, and quickly popularized the self-serve frozen yogurt concept by offering the industry’s best quality frozen yogurt made from real California milk and served with a wide array of premium, popular toppings in a friendly, clean environment.

Today, Yogurtland announces plans for 12 – 15 more locations throughout the greater Houston area. Yogurtland presently operates three locations in the city of Houston.

“We are excited to continue our expansion in Houston where consumers have embraced our premium yogurt and friendly service. Our Houston franchise partners appreciate the differences in the Yogurtland business model, including creating custom new flavors and producing our own yogurt,” said Larry Sidoti, vice president of franchising at Yogurtland.

To support its growth plans, Yogurtland is actively seeking franchise partners who share Yogurtland’s passion for the business, believe in customer service, understand the frozen yogurt platform and may be looking to diversify their investment portfolio.

“Yogurtland locations boast among the highest customer counts in the industry, and the opportunity in Houston to serve consumers a premium frozen yogurt treat with healthful benefits is almost unlimited,” added Sidoti.

Last year, Yogurtland served up more than 49 million cups of yogurt and its locations have an average unit volume that exceeds $782,000.

According to Sidoti, Houston and its suburbs are is prime targets for Yogurtland’s creamy frozen yogurt made with real ingredients from the source.

Combining authentic flavors with real milk gives Yogurtland yogurt its creamy, smooth taste that’s also good for you. Naturally occurring calcium and Vitamin D make Yogurtland yogurt a healthful, refreshing treat. Fruit flavors are also fortified with Vitamin C. Yogurtland yogurt also has six probiotics and the live and active yogurt cultures your body needs for a healthy balance.

Yogurtland guests can choose from dozens of toppings including fresh fruit to finish off their frozen yogurt treat. Each day, Yogurtland hand cuts about 500 pineapples and more than 6,000 pounds of strawberries. Other fruit options include bananas, blackberries, honeydew melon, kiwi, lychee, peaches and watermelon. Popular toppings range from your favorite childhood breakfast cereals of Cap’n Crunch© and Fruity Pebbles© to grown-up tastes such as granola, carob chips, yogurt chips, and coconut flakes and chocolaty favorites such as Hershey’s Heath Bar© and more.

Yogurtland presently has more than 190 locations throughout the US, Mexico and Guam with more than 50 new locations in the development pipeline that are scheduled to open over the next months. For more information, visit http://www.yogurt-land.com or http://www.facebook.com/yogurtland.