Surviving and Thriving as a Yogurtland Franchisee

You’ve weighed the options and determined that you want to start a frozen yogurt business. Great, that’s one decision made, but now comes the time to decide what kind of frozen yogurt business you’re looking to start. In 2013, Yogurtland was named the number one frozen yogurt franchise by Franchise Chatter, and yes, that is a designation we value greatly. At Yogurtland, we strive to be the American dream in a cup. Our goal is to Make a Bad Day Good and Good Day Great by providing creamy, incredible yogurt to our existing fans and draw in new ones, as we provide our franchisees with an attractive business opportunity and expand the brand. If that sounds like the kind of scenario you are after, read on.

 So, how do you survive, and moreover thrive, as a Yogurtland franchisee? The following may not be an exhaustive guide, but it’s at very least the trade mark issue guide to becoming a rock star franchisee.

Maintain customer focus
We want to create the best possible experience for our customers each and every time they visit us: from the welcoming atmosphere to the variety of flavors and toppings and the service we give them. We want them to crave more than just our frozen treats; we want them to crave the Yogurtland experience.

Passion for quality
We believe quality is what best underlines the Yogurtland difference. In order to create the industry’s best quality frozen yogurt, we use a combination of real, fresh ingredients; the best flavors the globe has to offer and what we like to call functional food – that frozen treat you’re enjoying has more than just flavor – it boasts calcium, protein, probiotics and live active cultures. We have a real passion for our product and look for franchisees that share that passion.

Willingness to learn and work within the franchise
Being part of a franchise has plenty of distinct advantages, but it also means working as part of a larger organization. In many ways, joining a franchise is something like joining a family – it comes with certain nuances and an established structure. As a franchisee it is important to be willing to learn as much as possible about the nuances of your new business and to work closely with the franchisor. Trust in the established business plan and maintain best practices of the brand. Like all franchisors, we value leaders with the ability to problem solve, but we also take comfort in knowing that our franchisees will work within the brand. Chances are any brand you are looking to join is a strong brand, so jump in prepared to learn about what gives the brand its strength and implement those practices in your franchise location.

If you’re ready to learn more about the Yogurtland family visit our website today. Take our word for it, our franchise FAQs are a great first stop.

Yogurtland is the best self-serve frozen yogurt franchise to own