Do You Have the Personality to Franchise?


Business owners come in all shapes and sizes, with widely different personalities and management styles. Entrepreneurs are considered to be A type, driven personalities with the desire to blaze new trails in the business world. But where do those seeking franchise ownership lie in the spectrum?

Franchising is centered on a proven system that can be taught and replicated for similar success. The ability to strictly follow and trust a system created by others is an integral skill required by franchise investors. Franchising is, of course, more than opening a manual and following it to smallest degree.

Here are 7 personality traits common to most successful Yogurtland franchisees.

1) You are Results Driven
You love to develop goals and meet them, and then evaluate results to continually improve. You focus on production and create benchmarks.
You understand that taking action is not achievement. If a certain practice isn’t working to meet goals, you immediately reevaluate the plan to find an approach that could work better for you.

2) You Think Big
You’re known to imagine the future, and how all of your plans and goals will help you to create the future of your dreams. You know that this future is a long-term result that can be reached through productive day-to-day activities. You keep your eye on the prize even when it’s hard.

3) You Motivate Others
You’re known to make things happen, but also noticing the achievements and potential of others. You don’t expect business to come to you. You’re always out there working with a great attitude, and you recognize others who show a similar work ethic.

4) You are a Positive Thinker
You’re always looking forward, not back. Opportunities and solutions are always more apparent to you than the problems or hindrances. You take care of problems while staying positive.

5) You are a People Person
You know that the people you manage and the customers you serve are the most important assets to help you achieve success. You’re a natural when it comes to building relationships and nurturing them. You’re great at networking and would be a great voice of the community.

6) You Love Security
In your personal or business life, you always look to mitigate the risks. In business specifically you want to see a proven track record before investing or participating in a venture. You want to achieve big things, but appreciate a safety net to allow you to do so.

7) You Display Consistency
You are analyzing and observing hundreds of things happening around you, but you keep your cool. Focusing on the most important tasks keep you unruffled, which gives your customers and employees peace of mind.
It’s true that franchising isn’t for everyone, just as every type of business venture isn’t for everyone. But franchising with Yogurtland can be an ideal situation for the right person. The 7 personality traits listed above can be helpful, along with the proper financials and business know-how, to succeed in the franchising world. If you see yourself described above, chances are that you have the confidence, drive and motivation to be a successful franchise business owner.

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